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  • It’s great stuff! I was exposed to it through the article in Educational Leadership and I am now reading the book. It makes so much sense! Thank you for your great work! Dave Bell (Texas)

    When I started to use IE several years ago now, that I tried it out in a few lessons here and there, was amazed at the success and then began to look for other areas and subjects in which I could use the Lesson Planning Frameworks and other aspects of the theory. Pamela Hagen.

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    All the knowledge in the curriculum is a product of someone’s hopes, fears, passions, or ingenuity. If we want students to learn that knowledge in a manner that will make it meaningful and memorable, then we need to bring it to life for them in the context of those hopes, fears, passions, or ingenuity. The great agent that will allow us to achieve this routinely in everyday classrooms is the imagination.

    This website introduces new theories, principles, and practical techniques for making education more effective. Because engaging students' imaginations in learning, and teachers' imaginations in teaching, is crucial to making knowledge in the curriculum vivid and meaningful, we call this new approach Imaginative Education (IE). We show that the imagination is one of the great workhorses of learning, and how it can be used for all ages and skill levels.

    The work of The Imaginative Education Research Group is dedicated to showing how learners’ imaginations can be routinely engaged in everyday classrooms. Unfortunately so much of the content of the curriculum is routinely taught as though its natural habitat is a textbook rather than the fears, hopes, and passions of real people that students too commonly find it dull and lifeless, and un-engaging. We believe the ideas, materials, and practices on this website can show how to bring the curriculum to life.

    To watch a brief introductory video, click here.

    You can watch a 1-hour long, extensive introduction to Imaginative Education and its foundational ideas by clicking here.

    To visit Kieran Egan's Home Page and see publications foundational to our work, click here.

    This website is devoted to taking this new conception of education towards everyday practice in schools and other educational institutions, and also developing and improving it in the process.

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    • IERG NEWS MAY 2014
      IERG News is full of information about activities of the IERG, examples of Imaginative Education in action, interviews with practitioners, as well as short pieces giving in-depth insights into various aspects of Imaginative Education.

    • Corbett does it again! #3 school in US
      The Washington Post’s annual survey of America's Most Challenging High Schools ranks schools through an index formula that's a simple ratio: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year, divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.

    • Imaginative mathematics education
      Two items concerned with math: Last year saw the publication of the book “Wonder-Full Education: The centrality of wonder in teaching and learning across the curriculum” (New York: Routledge.)

    • IERG News March 2014
      Meet some of our IERG members! In this edition of the IERG News we hope to create some discussion among our members in relation to a topic of shared interest.

    • New YouTube video
      Kieran Egan’s program in imaginative literacy, to quote its website, “describes and gives many examples of a new approach to teaching literacy.


    • The Imaginative Education Research Group was founded by Kieran Egan. His vision has inspired thousands of teachers all over the world to reflect upon their daily practices and embrace this new approach to effective education. Kieran Egan and his team of researchers are striving to change education on a global scale.