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  • It’s great stuff! I was exposed to it through the article in Educational Leadership and I am now reading the book. It makes so much sense! Thank you for your great work! Dave Bell (Texas)

    When I started to use IE several years ago now, that I tried it out in a few lessons here and there, was amazed at the success and then began to look for other areas and subjects in which I could use the Lesson Planning Frameworks and other aspects of the theory. Pamela Hagen.

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    Conference Proceedings 2003

    Author   Title  
    Albano, Ana Angelica The Artist’s Voice
    Bailin, Sharon Invenzione e Fantasia: The (Re)Birth of Imagination in Renaissance Art
    Barber, Susan Imagination in Writing& Teaching
    Beattie, Mary Narratives in the Making: Imagination and Education
    Bell, Steve Storyline, Feelings and Respect
    Benson, Pamela Connecting the Past Through Story: A New Zealand Experience
    Binder, Marni J. Reading the Pictorial World of the Child: Emerging Literacies
    in Child Art
    Chik, Maria P. Y. & Wan, Julia W. S. Humor and Creative English Writing
    in Hong Kong Elementary School Children
    Chu, Vivian Teaching Global Unity Through Proverbs, Metaphors, and Storytelling
    Clarkson, Austin A Curriculum for the Creative Imagination
    Culham, Cameron ELC Demonstration ESL Class: A (Nonverbal) Drama Workshop
    Cullingford, Cedric A Brief outline of the talk given to the the conference on Imagination and Education
    Dawson, Kym Alan , et al.
    Reflecting Teams: Their Promise for Imaginative Education
    de Cosson, Alex, et al Hanging Identities:
    Artist’s Dancing Interruptions into Corridors of Learning
    Falkenberg, Thomas The Role of Imagination in an Ethic of Care
    Francis, Azra Daniel Heuristic Expression: ‘Self’ as image in amagin-ation
    Frein, Mark Understanding and Revising Egan’s Conception of Mind
    García Pelayo, Mónica Using Sound Language in the Classroom
    Gilligan, Ann Louise Imagining the Possible: Imagination and Educational Disadvantage
    Hagen, Pamela Egan’s Understanding Set & Planning Frameworks
    Hagen, Pamela For the Beauty of Ideas: Mathematics and
    Imaginative Education
    Haslam, Ian R. Imagery use and web based interventions for advanced learning in soccer
    Haynes, Felicity Exercising the Imagination
    Houser, Tracy & Fisher-Lang, Abegael Learning Through the Arts: Enhancing Teaching and Learning
    Karpiak, Irene E. Releasing the Educational Imagination through Autobiography
    Leite, Maria Isabel Educarional Service in Museums
    and Children's Imagination Space
    McEntegart, Tag (Mary) Awakening The Dramatising Imagination: Catalysing a boundless resource in no-resource or low-resource educational contexts
    McEntegart, Tag (Mary) Awakening The Dramatising Imagination: Catalysing a boundless resource in no-resource or low-resource educational contexts
    (Power Point Presentation)
    McEntegart, Tag (Mary) Revealing The Treasures in Amela’s Box: a practical workshop exploring the dramatic use of ‘significant objects’ as a key to awakening the dramatising imagination in no-resource or low-resource educational contexts
    Monzón, Patricia Running head: Fictional Products and Physics Learning
    Nielsen, Thomas William Rudolf Steiner's Pedagogy of Imagination: a Phenomenological Case Study
    Ormell, Chris Challenging the Imagination is the Essence of Education
    Panayotidis, Lisa Most Unnatural Act
    Percival, Irene Time-Travel Days: How Far Can Imagination Take You?
    Perrow, Susan Therapeutic Storytelling: supporting the capacity of children through the realms of imagination
    Prendergast, Monica "Playing Attention": Contemporary Aesthetics
    and Performing Arts Audience Education
    Reed, Gay Garland Imagined Selves, Imagined Others: Lives in School  
    Rolãdo, Maria do Ceu How Useful is Imagination?
    Ruebsaat, Susanna Mundus Imaginalis/Anima Mundi: Neither Fact nor Fiction
    Sheridan, Joe & Longboat, Dan Imagination and the Ecology of the Sacred
    Sierra, Zayda & Diaz, Gene Interpreting Social Reality through Dramatic Play
    Sorin, Reesa Imaginate This! Blurring the Boundaries in Preservice Teacher Education
    Takaya, Keiichi Education and Imagination in Historical Context  
    Tang, Kwok Chun Imagination in Teaching and Learning of Directed Numbers: Two Chinese Examples
    Vaughan, Kathleen   Making it up as we go along: Reflections from artists learning to teach